So you’re interested in working from home. Think long and hard about the challenges that lay ahead of you; this essentially is just one developer’s tale from experience. Zero regurgitated material from some perky career columnist who’s above the fray and isn’t in tune with how it really works.

This one goes out to the handful of developers (probably can count them on two hands) that have a family (with kids: pets don’t count), and for various different reasons (housing market for one -no one wants to loose $20k) are unable to or are not interested in moving to cater to the employment flavor of the month. You may also be in a position similar to mine where you don’t live in CA, NY, or MA. It is what it is, but those three states are always going to hold a vast majority of cards when it comes to RIA development. This little fact holds both your advantage and disadvantage at the same time, and very little of it has to do with you. Economic supply and demand, but more on that later. (more…)