September 2007

Generating Runtime Revision Control Between Dependent Applications

If there is one general weakness with the Flash Player technology as a whole, it is that it does not have very good capabilities, much less the tools, to detect runtime collisions: intentional or otherwise.

While this kind of problem is probably more rare than it is common, there is one issue that greatly increases the likelihood of encountering this problem: multi-packaged .swf files to a given project, and rises to the ranks of practically a given especially if any of those files use any of the same classes.


With just about every SDK in a programming language there are some components while useful just get lost and squirreled away and never really get the glorified attention it deserves. The Repeater element is one of those in the Flex language, where of all the examples I see from other bloggers and the Flex community at large it just never shows up. This is an attempt to bring this little cockroach into the light to show off its skills and why it’s survived all this time.