January 2008

Not that I have any serious comments to any particular app, but it is interesting to see what other people’s take to user experience is when coming up with a RIA for interacting primarily in a passive way (mostly reading vs. active data entry on the user’s part). A few of them have even taken the time to really pay attention to the aesthetics of how their application looks and content is delivered.

I suppose mine can be added to this list in about a month or so, at least in alpha form. Once I get it mostly bug free, I’ll start working on aspects of being able to ‘build/modify/style’ your own with source.

For anyone who’s curious, here’s a snapshot of where it currently stands, but still has some styles / skins / icons to be done.

FlexPress snapshot pre-alpha

FlexPress snapshot pre-alpha

Mike Britton’s RandomUSA

Algirdas’: Incito

Ak33m’s http://ak33m.com/?cat=2

Arpit’s http://www.arpitonline.com/blog/?p=51

In the last post, I mentioned being able to overcome WordPress’s limitation of white space stripping so that a code formatter looks half way readable. The one I present here, primarily takes into consideration how a Java/C-based programmer would format it with rules like the brackets create the tabbing breaks inline: ie public function foo():void {, instead of the bracket being placed at the next line like others prefer. This is a matter of taste, but in the case of writing rules it actually makes it slightly easier to distinguish newlines instead of having to write RegExp’s with forward look up rules using ?: (more…)