February 2008

It’s taken a fair amount of time in order to build this thing in my native language, and even pushed me outside my comfort zone to tackle missing links in the connectivity of php-MySQL.

There is still a ways to go in getting everything polished, but the core functionality is finally there. Source will eventually be released as it gets closer to the beta / release state. Current application size is hovering right around 700-800k, this is in large part due to the fact all images are still using the [Embed()] macro and not loading from an external source.

FlexPress Application Alpha 0.1

There are times when it becomes important that we step back from our work to really understand when / where / how patterns are applied. However, where I think many of us fall short, is more importantly is when NOT to.

Like any great pattern that is meant to simplify and organize, they can abused and overused. Remember, a pattern is really nothing more than a general solution to a particular problem set that has been previously solved. So for many cases, this is a godsend, because it means less time can be spent on the implementation and more time can be spent on the UI, aesthetics, and over all product improvements. (more…)

Depending on your specific responsibilities, in most cases, most of us programmers do not have to hash out the ideas of what becomes an effective design or work flow in the project or product of what we work on. Thankfully. However, if it is, then the following becomes a lot more common: where Engineering will say to Marketing, this idea just isn’t going to work and we’ll need another 2 weeks further from our already tight deadline. OK so I’m not dealing with any sort of hard deadline other than just wanting to have some sort of completion to the first stage, I did have to go back and come up with ‘a better way to use things.’ Notice I didn’t say ‘do things.’ (more…)