A quick example of a photo gallery using the standard SDK SliderIn a world of visuals (well at least our little world of RIA development), this is freakishly basic. [Edit: After trying to get this to show up as an inline swf using WP-SWFObject, I gave up on it since it refuses to put up the content, so instead it'll have to be a retarded link for now.]

So essentially while it works, the control doesn’t tell you anything about what you’re about to see, other than an index of the photo which lets face it isn’t that helpful. Knowing previously there is a reference property to the sliderDataTipClass, I began to look up how to implement my own. Essentially all I want is something relatively basic that shows a scaled-down thumbnail of the image (you can get a lot more detail out of it once you know the basic mechanics of how to set one up). (more…)