This one has been bugging me, and a few other people who were trying to figure out ultimately what version of SQLite is embedded in AIR. Running a SQLStatement of: ‘SELECT sqlite_source_id()’ gives us this result: onSQLresult result key sqlite_source_id() value 2010-12-07 20:14:09 a586a4deeb25330037a49df295b36aaf624d0f45.

As per this method returns the code characteristic for which your embedded version has been built against. Using the canonical timeline viewer, going back a few pages now of (200 entries) we find this one:
And low-and-behold down near the bottom: 2010-12-07 20:14 [a586a4deeb] Version 3.7.4 (user: drh, tags: trunk, release, version-3.7.4)


So it turns out, that the modified version of AIR 3.1 SQLite is based on 3.7.4 – and the real question of foreign key support is at least there – I was able to test against it using a simple CREATE TABLE, but according to the documentation- this is parsed but not enforced. Lets hope that is now wrong too – since even Adobe Employee’s couldn’t come up with this one.