This one seems weird to be but I guess I didn’t notice it earlier. As we all know Styles set as an external source need to be compiled first, which even for a modest application pushes this up to about 100k or so. I thought this was a bit heavy but didn’t think of it any further.

What the documentation tells you about Modules fails to mention that you can most certainly do the same thing when running the compiler on your compiled.swf stylesheet.

Run the stylesheet builder with the


against the

-link-report =report.xml

and instantly save at least 10x the file size (at least this is what I experienced), as it went down to about 10-12k or so.

mxmlc -link-report=myapplication.xml -output=myapplication.swf MyApplication.mxml

mxmlc -output=mystylesheet.swf -load-externs=myapplication.xml MyStyleSheet.css

Instant savings.