Mar 08: Alpha 0.12 release, yet again more bugs / yet to be corrected features.

Feb 29: Alpha 0.11 release, a few more bug fixes as noted.

Feb 14: Alpha 0.1 release.

Sept 12:
After searching around for a theme I wanted to use & eventually modify -hopefully easily apply some of my previous site styling, it became increasingly apparent that if I had the ability to do this in Flex (since this is my native language) I could not only get the style I wanted rather easily using a paradigm of layers that is native to Flash (and has to be mercilessly hacked at with float div’s in css / html), but I could also begin to add some of the RIA effects that everyone seems to talk about but many of these examples are behind closed doors (including our own for the company I work at). In comes XML-RPC, and much to my surprise WordPress has already thought of this, although from what I’m digging through it’s not quite as feature rich as WP is in it’s native php construct. For example, the


method has parameterized options to return only published categories as well as the number of posts for each. The


does not, and so I may have to hack something together as a supplemental function return to try to get similar results. Right now it’s in its infancy pre-alpha stage where I don’t have anything to show just yet, but stay tuned if you not only want to see the end results, but the source as well. The first goal of release will be just to get it working and interactive, the second goal is making it a bit less ‘hard-coded’ and more theme friendly if someone wants to use something similar.