About the Author:
My experience with Flash and Actionscript spans across 9+ years. I started off with Flash in the days of Flash 3 and 4. At the time that I first came across this kind of technology I saw its potential for what it could become, but wasn’t interested in trying to learn yet another proprietary language (and not so easy to program through a rudimentary form based input) that then Macromedia setup for its descriptor of interactivity. I did however take the time to learn as much as I could from the design aspect with time-line editing. When its scripting language was merged in the EMCA body at the introduction of Flash 5 is when I dedicated my level of effort to it full time. I made the switch to Flex when Flex 2 and it’s updated AS3 language-base was finally released in 2006.
I graduated with a double degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Oakland University in Rochester, MI, and I am now a Flex Engineer living and working in the Metro Detroit area. Most of my programming from an educational stand point centers around C++ and Java.

About My Workflow:

I currently use the Flex SDK along with FlashDevelop 2: an open source project based development IDE. All of our work is hosted through an SVN server that is accessible across the net. I have tried FD3 at home, however I have not updated at work simply because I don’t want to have to reconfigure everything which I’ve setup.