Customized XML-RPC Gateway:
I modified the xmlrpc.php (R-Click to Save) in order to add methods that normally exist in app but not in the gateway. All methods have been added to the named methods array in the wp_xmlrpc_server constructor. All methods have a ‘custom’ prefix to prevent any naming contamination and/or confusion. Since I’m not a php expert I’m not certain how to decorate this kind of functionality without modifying a core app file so with every update you don’t need to copy-paste this into the new gateway.
The added methods return:

  • A list of posts: only includes metadata (id, category id’s, category name’s, etc)
  • A list of comments: only includes metadata, useful for heavy trafficked or mature blogs to minimize bandwidth use
  • Comments: returns full comment data about a post id
  • Blog Roll: returns missing RPC blog roll data
  • New Comments: submits a new comment data packet missing from RPC functionality
  • Search: Returns search result data from a MySQL Table that has full-text indexing enabled.

Utility Classes: Some if not most of these will be included in compiled packages in the future with the release of source code for the FlexPress project, but you may not care about that and only want particular sections.

  • TypeConversion: A collection of conversion methods which typically take a string input converted to it’s appropriate primative.
  • MySQLDataUtil: A utility class which holds stopword formatted array.